Current needs are white goods, household items,cleaning products, tools, fencing materials and pet supplies.
We will use your monetary gift wisely by purchasing and delivering what is needed on a day to day basis to ensure your gift goes as far as possible.
Please dig deep and give from your heart via PAYPAL a secure way to make a gift.


We took down a loads of bottled water, large quantities of cleaning products, eucalyptus and tea tree oil, detergent, insect repellant, boxes of coffee and tea, herbal tea and 55 pairs of childrens' canvas shoes, dog food and baby needs.
This gift was made possible by the generosity of Safeway Market Place Bendigo, Rupert Schmeid, Karl Aguir, Kylie McIndoe, John & Chris Leefe, Neil & Beth Sutton, Stephanie Kern, Joe, Anya Terry, Ryan and Emmy Phelan and the Coles Family


Oki Niksokowa ( greetings our relatives ) Jennie & Michael, We have only just returned from Medicine River in Montana. The elders gathered for ceremony to drum and sing the spirits of those gentle souls engulfed in the maelstrom. Yes, even although separated by distance, their hearts embraced their brothers and sisters. Please keep us informed re your special efforts on behalf of the dissplaced people. We will send you money directly if this is what you need. Do know that we join with you and ask that Gitchi Manidoo will enshroud the people in a healing balm. Pilomya, Anne & James

I will continue to keep those here posted as I receive your letters. We are all holding you in our Hearts & Prayers. Keep up the good work! Blessings! Valerie

Many, many blessings to all. Love & hugs, Stephanie Morning Star Sings

My thoughts are with you, your family and your friends/neighbors. I was taken aback when I saw the news on the TV and immediately you came to my mind. My prayers are with you and yours and God will provide everything that is needed specially more Love and Enlightment, Take care of yourselves and mainly of those animals that have lost their home and enviorenment. If I could only be there to assist, but apparently I have my own mission here. I will be praying continously for you. Love Miriam Please join us in sending daily energy and prayers to the people, the animals and the land in Australia. Send prayers for miracles, cooling temperatures and rain. Our Brothers and Sisters in Australia are suffering greatly from heat and fires.
Love and Light to ALL, Patrica Morris Cardona Daniel Cardona

I had already felt the urge to chant for Australia – asking that rain be sent your way. Now I have received this letter and am forwarding it to Andrew to see if there is anyway we can help by sending money. The picture and symbolism of the arrow in a bowl of water is a very good one to hold in mind while we chant thank you for sharing that with us. Keep us posted on what is happening and how you are able to help. Thank you, blessings and love Felicity

I've posted a prayer request on our site (, incorporating some of the info you sent. Johnny

As much as we know and honor Divine Order ... Human distress is not an easy space to be in. Imagine all the animals that are being impacted, as well .... the whole thing sends chills over my body. I hold them all In Love, Light (Rain), Best and Highest Good!
The Bowl Jennie & Michael are using for Rain Prayers is gorgeous! Namaste' Jane

Thanks for the message and I will send healing and LOVE to all there and I hope to see a quick end to all the fire and the pain it is causing. Love n Hugs and PEACE to all of US Bobbijo

Will be praying for them......gina & dwight

thank you, beloved.....I have prayed and will continue to do so. I will also send it along. walk in beauty and radiance, amrita

Hi Valerie, You got it! I will ask Anthony to add the World Drum Brothers to his prayers too...Peace julie Thanks for keeping us up to date on happenings. I will pray for them, offering love and healing. Love to you, Merry

I have prayed for rain using the arrow and of course i will continue to do it.We are surrounded by trees here and are on alert and ready to leave at all times.we are going to donate blood and money as well. The Marysville fire really touched us personally as we visited the little town often and loved it very much.The beautiful forests and gardens bought the fire close to our souls.We have another couple of months of heat yet. David Rixon and family.

Our prayers are with the people affected by this horrible situation. Thanks for forwarding the message. Scott Meredith, owner Crystal Fantasy in Palm Springs, California.

Hi, i am hoping all of you will please get others to add to the sincere caring for this situation. We in California know too well the traumas involved with floods and fires. so, please add this to the top of your prayer lists for these precious people, animals, plants, and all in need there. Ask a special blessing to help the helpers. Thank you for your caring. We in southern california really know what it's like . thank and bless all of you for your caring in advance..rev jean (holmes) the news just claimed that 166 deaths there are now substantiated.. Spirit please help NOW! Reverend Jean Holmes at Harmony Grove, Southen California.

I affirm the Omnipotence of Divine intervention and trust in the Omnipresence. All for ONE, One for ALL NELLIE Fire Star

I am hoping all of you will please get others to add to the sincere caring for this situation. we in ca, know too well the traumas involved with floods and fires. so, please add this to the top of your prayer lists for these precious people, animals, plants, and all in need there. ask a special blessing to help the helpers , also. thank you for your caring. we in southern california really know what it's like thank and bless all of you for your caring in advance..rev jean (holmes) the news just claimed that 166 deaths there are now substantiated.. Spirit please help NOW! thank you and especially my prayer chain. Jean Holmes

I have been so touched by the amazing effort our emergency services, that i am moved to create a time to give thanks. I propose that on sunday 15th of February at 12am lets go out to the local fire brigade or police station, SES or DSE and say thanks in what ever way you feel. send this email on to as many as you can.
15th February 12 noon let them know we care and appreciate there work. Blessings Grant Anthony

prayers to father sun as you have included here, please let me know if you need any help at all in setting up for your property when people arrive I am available. I will look for any emails with requests for assistance.... any pray for all our communities and mother earth. blessings Jenny

My heart goes to you and your country ravaged by fire, to the many ppl who died and the survivors. i will pray and send healing energy, i am just back from the states and the drumming council, hoping to share with you, but this takes precedence above all. much love and many blessings your way Antonella

I hug you two dear souls and thank you for all your work you do for other humans and for all of creation. It is unbelievable what you have to endure and I wish you strength and support for all you do.
Certainly I will join in the prayers. And on an practical level: What is the number of your account? Do you think you could mail me all the info’s so that I could transfer money to your account? I do not know what one needs to transfer money from Austria to Australia. Thank you for letting me know how you are doing.
Lots of love and light to all of you.

Thanks for your report. Ihave been thinking of you as I am listening to the news, and just wondered if the fires had reached you! An answer immediately! Will be praying for you, and I am glad that you are able to help those who have been badly affected. Blessings Gerd

$100 from Joe and Anya. Use as you see fit, we trust your judgment. If other donations are slack let us know quickly and we can send more. Love to all, Joe & Anya, Terry, Ryan, Emmie

We made a small donation to help with your efforts and send many prayers and blessings with it Love and Blessings John and Chris Leefe

my name is Lynn and i am an aussie like you folk .. and also connected to the World Drum peace project ... i just wanted to say 'hi' and to let you know that the messages for prayers and assistance/support that we are sending out re. our bushfires are helping others around the world to connect with us .. i was guided to reach out to White Cougar and Wolf at the World Drum know so that we could get a world-wide prayer of healing and compassion happening now .. a prayer for us all to open our hearts more and more to each other and it has been so beautiful to see how this is happening how wondeful folk have been no matter where they are or their life circumstances .. then i was guided to see who was doing 'what' in victoria to help the animals who've been injured .. our wildlife and i came across this site and so i shared around about that so that we can remember that our birds, mammals, reptiles etc also need our loving compassion at this time .. they are really going through so much and have no 'alternate accommodation' to go to .. i am sure there are others.... jennie and michael i have looked at your site and what you do .. it is amazing ... i was wondering if maybe you could include stuff about places where we can donate to support the care and rehab of our animal sisters and brothers too as they also require our support ???

The following contact numbers are provided for assistance with domestic and wildlife response and recovery:

Wildlife, domestic animals - RSPCA contact 03 9224 2222

The University of Melbourne’s veterinary clinic at Werribee has offered to provide free treatment to pets and horses injured in the fires. Emergencyand critical care - contact 03 9731 2232

DOGS Victoria is a source of assistance re dog accommodation and minding. The Help for Wildlife response team are based in the vicinity where the Kinglake/Healesville fires occurred are on standby waiting to enter the fireground when safe to rescue injured wildlife. Help for Wildlife PO Box 181 Coldstream VIC 3770 Phone: 0417 380 687

The Cat Protection Society (CPS) would like to offer the following assistance and use of equipment (subject to availability) for people around the Greensborough area that are affected by the bushfire: Veterinary treatment of cats Use of 22 hospital size cages UV drips and giving sets Bandages Antibiotics Transport vehicles and facilities Boxes Contact details for a local cattery that is also able to provide accommodation for cats. The CPS does not have appropriate facilities for dogs, only cats. The clinic has limited opening hours, so it is essential to phone prior to visiting, on 03 9434 7155 or 03 9434 7255.

Pet Industry Association members also have more than 850 dog boarding places and 550 cat boarding places donated by members – all details on their website.

The Lort Smith Animal Hospital at 24 Villiers Street in North Melbourne is offering free medical treatment for pets affected by the bush fires. Lort Smith Animal Hospital 24 Villiers Street North Melbourne VIC Phone: 03 9328 3021

The Lort Smith Plenty Valley Veterinary Clinic on 03 9407 2030.

The Greyhound Adoption Program kennels in Seymour are also taking in any greyhounds who have been affected by the fires. They can be contacted on 03 5799 0166 for assistance.

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