Newsletter Date ~ March 2011

Volume 10, Number 1

Sun Moon Dance @ Easter Time

This will be the 15th Sun Moon Dance in Australia and I never tire of saying to those who asks lots of question, “When the Dance reaches into your mind as a regular occurrence then the Dance is calling you to fulfil the promise you made many eons ago. Just show up and Dance. Put your questions and ego behind you and let God take over.”

To Dance is to break with crystallization. The mind ego is great at persuading you to do otherwise. How else can it have control over you if not by ego persuasion to sabotage your growth and potential possibilities?

Spiritual Dance is not a walk in the park, it is confronting, physically demanding, and spiritually rewarding. When you commit to Dance you commit to do 4 Danes to honour all aspects of your being and brings them together as one.

The best way to learn more about the Sun Moon Dance is to volunteer your services from Good Friday to Easter Monday. There is lot’s to do and we need many willing hands and hearts to keep the space in peace and perfection for the dancers. Are you ready to spend Easter Time in prayer? I know, being part of the Sun Moon Dance is a life changing experience that propels you forward in your quest for connection with spirit.


Since last year we have been asked to hold a Drumming/Healing Circle, and finally we have set a day – each Thursday starting from Thursday March 17th from 7.30pm. Each Thursday we will gather to drum, meditate, chant and share. A healing Circle is a space where everyone is welcome to sit with Spirit and take time out to nurture the Self. We will start promptly at 7.30pm so come with drums, rattles......... open hearts, no expectation and a plate of finger food for to share.

For millennia people have been drumming for numerous reasons. Shamans use this powerful tool to commune with Spirit and their ancestors. Drumming is a powerful and sometimes dramatic, way to break with concrete form. Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, told me that drumming raises consciousness and everything that lives on the skin of the earth is lifted into higher consciousness. Drumming will allow you to lift your vibration and settle into skin.

Please leave pets and children home. We love both pets and children but, believe every adult needs time out just to connect with the self, and that is what we are offering, a time to drop the drama and reconnect with yourself.

If you do not have drums, etc. please come anyway as we will have some musical instrument to suit you on the night.

There is no charge but all contributions gratefully accepted


There will be a Peace Chamber Gathering mid-July followed by a Sun Moon Dance in Philadelphia. Grandfather Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, the founder of the Peace Chamber sent us this email ...........come to the Gathering and stay for the Sun/Moon Dance.

We have looked into flights and all associated costs and at this moment do not have the funds to make this trip during the U.S. high season. In order to raise funds Jennie has decided to offer Teachings from God. These are teaching that she has received over the years. Path of Inner Wounds, a 4 part, in depth, fortnightly teaching is what she is offering starting now with LESSON ONE – PATH OF INNER WOUNDS

The reason she has started with journeying through inner wounds is because every human has wounds that fester and erupt at various times of their lives. It is the place that most humans take refuge and believe they get strength, when in fact it weakens them and makes them vulnerable to .......................

She has treasured these teachings and this is the first time she will be sharing them. She cannot put a price on these teachings and leaves it is up to you to make a monetary gift from the depths of your heart as a one-time offering or as you choose.

Please email and let us know if you wish to receive these teachings via email.

In the event we are unable to get all the financial ducks in order to make the Chamber Gathering, and help at the Philadelphia Sun Moon Dance in mid-July, your monetary gift will be used to visit Joseph and Chambers at a later date.


This article was in a 2009 newsletter and I believe it is pertinent today as it was then and will be as we move into the New Age.

The Age of Aquarius is said to be the time when we will be free of falsehoods and limitations. According to Indian Scriptures at this time in our earthly evolution we are moving from the time of Kali Yuga or the age of ignorance and darkness over the bridge Krita Yuga which is the Age of Transition into the Age of Satya Yuga the time of unification. Nothing happens without transition and transmutation. This unification can only be achieved when we, as people are thrown together from dire need. This can be seen in the love of humanity that has been displayed in recent natural disasters.


Seven Circles, Spiritual Centre For Planetary Peace, Inc.
P.O.Box 169
Maldon 3463

Seven Circles, SCFPP,Inc. is a not-for profit organization recognized by the Australian Taxation Department as a Charitable Institution.

It is run solely by dedicated volunteers to raise funds to give people a hand up not a hand out.

ABN:97 385 256 101


It is believed the influx of light and change has been gaining momentum since the full moon lunar eclipse December 21st 2010. A heavenly event that had not happened more than a couple of times in 2000 years and we are blessed to be born to experience it and it is this influx of light that has heralded the pivotal changes for our planet to evolve even faster.

I have my own beliefs. I believe the change began many years ago and the quickening started a couple of years ago gaining greater momentum late winter till the big rains last September into October/November 2010. We are moving through the 11th year of this millennium. Right around the world unusual natural phenomena started to manifest in our earthly plane. Since late last year the earth and all her children have experienced a shake up to wake up. So many natural disasters, that it is best not to delve into them in any detail, suffice to say the after effects along with other upheavals will continue for a few more years. This is not meant to cause you grief but to awaken you to changes that need to be made as we move into the new age. The date of the Age of Aquarius is contentious and I choose not to stick my finger in to stir the pot. However, if we are to believe that numerous uncharacteristic occurrences are heralding the change, then we must awaken to ourselves and our environment.

Last days of October to early November fell during the auspicious Diwali waning moon cycle which is significant to the Hindu people. Diwali is celebrated at the dark of the moon by lighting little oil filled earthen pots to light the way for beauty and knowledge to enter all life. Darkness covers and hides that which we are ashamed off and needs to be kept hidden. Light illuminates everything including our minds and fills it with knowledge and understanding giving us sight. Metaphorically speaking Light is knowledge and darkness is repression. Hence the sayings, being kept in the dark; brought out in the light!! Lighting the little oil lamps is to bring in light to reveal beauty and potential possibilities in ourselves and the world that surrounds.

It was during October/November we had torrential rain allowing numerous rivers to flow through the property but, nothing stopped or dampened the spirits of the few people who sat in quiet meditation on the property the last weekend in October. The fire burnt brightly, and as the water flowed past, it transformed and rose as steam that carried the prayers and thoughts of those who sat there feeding it. I see that time, as the beginning, of the earth changes gaining momentum.

Moving thought this 11th year of the new millennium has caused me to look closely and deeply at the number 11 because it is my number. The spiritual meaning of number 11 is quite diverse. Its energy is one of opposition, and the balance required to achieve synthesis.

The number 11 has two straight lines, or pillars that stand side by side like two people with one value. Even though they are one in value they maintain their individuality and oneness in togetherness. This brought me to the realization that while we are one, we are many, with opinions and involvement in the progression and ascension of unified life, based upon the essence of love. It will only work if we do not enslave ourselves to self- involvement. The number 11 is about perfect balance like that of the day and night. Spiritually speaking the number 11 is about being objective and subjective in life to be able to walk between the pillars of choice that determines the outcome. Metaphorically speaking, number 11 is a gateway that beckons the marriage of duality of day and night; black and white; depression and happiness; rest and play that is inherent in humanity.

May you walk the balance beam of life with grace and good measure.



St. Augustine of Hippo (A.D. 354–430) wrote "Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth." Like Pythagoras, he too believed that life was a relationship of numbers that needed investigation. Here is a simple guide to the meaning of numbers 1 to 5.

These meanings are generalities and need to be viewed as such. There are numerous layers to numerology which I leave you to explore at your own pace.

One: The beginning. Purity, strong will, positivity and aloneness. When 1 drops in its time to exert individuality, start a fresh, take action with eyes that see.

Two: Two is dancing the tango. Partnership. Polarity. Being in balance and harmony. The ability to move with ease. When 2 comes calling it is asking you to think with the heart and feel with the mind.

Three: The three aspects of man – the past, present and future. The holy trinity. Intuition, creativity and co-operation. When 3 presents repeatedly, it is time to take a look at the impact of the past, the quagmire of the present and the promise of the future.

Four: Four is the division of all life and nature to be able to look back and look forward to life and natures seasons while being strongly rooted in the present. It is the four elements, four primary colours, seasons and the four bodies. When 4 follows you around it is calling you to plant yourself in all aspects of your being especially persistence and endurance, because you will need them to take stock of yourself.

Five: Number 5 is the hand which comprises of the thumb that represents one true spirit the four fingers each represents the 4 elements. Number 5 is also the phases of life – seed, root, tree, limbs and fruit. This is the Tree of Life. Alchemists know them as Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Ether.

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