<"Crystal Spirals of Magic and Illusion; MAgic, illusion, crystal spiral", MAGIC, MAGIC MAGIC, ILLUSION, FENG SHUI MAGIC, FOR FENG SHUI, FENG SHUI PRACTIONERS>

These beautiful stainless steel spirals are twisted, then balanced to capture their magic and illusion
Great to hang in the garden, home and absolutely a must for Feng Shui practitioners
All spirals are hand twisted therefore no two spirals are the same
Balls are high quality lead crystal

Crystal Spirals

Jumbo approx. 90cm long - ball size approx. 110mm - $100.00

Large approx. 75cm long - ball size approx. 80mm - $70.00

Medium approx. 60cm long - ball size approx. 60mm - $50.00

Small approx. 50cm long - ball size approx. 50mm - $40.00

Post and handling depends upon destination

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