Journey of the Seven Peace Drums

This was the first drum made in Central Victoria, Australia. It was made on the 07/07/07 after the monthly Sacred Fire Ceremony for the cleansing of the cosmic oceans and physical waters. It is made from goat hide dyed blue with 7 gold stars painted on its face. Seven people made the I AM Drum at 7.00pm on the 7th July 2007.

Seven children ranging from 18 months to 18 years had wonderful day making this drum. Each child put a coloured hand print on the drum hoop.New born baby Paxton's foot print also graces the hoop. The children carefully cut the skin to size, punched holes for the thonging. With adult help they took great care and pride in cutting the thonging. Lunch and a wander in the bush on a beautiful winter's day was all they need to rejuvenate and complete the drum. This is truly a blessed drum of innocence, joy and laughter.

Michael - Always the lesson, for me it was to be open to different ways of doing. Letting go of ego. Then group idea can flow.
Joyce - I always love the opportunity to bring people together, the drum making is a perfect vehicle. Also, the plaiting raised old memories of hair plaiting and how I could plait hair fast. Found myself racing. An old pattern of behaviour. Good lesson to slow down and become more aware.
Gordon - Plait reminded me of the Maypole where ribbons were entwind through dancing and how people come together for single purpose.
Colleen - Enjoyed the idea of given and taking when passing the ends to each other. The weaving of energies in the paliting reminded me of the spider. Back to childhood memories of plaiting hair.
Gregg - All about timing. I came in at the end of the drum making but was able to help. Powerful energy getting friends together to create a message to the wrorld.
Peta - Reminded about plaiting three strands and the times when this happened. My oldskills at being able to unravel problems and I'm now seeking new ways to achieve more problem solving skills.
Helen - I wasn't sure if the plaiting I was doing was right. As the plait grew I felt more confident. No need to rush, nor a race. It is people comin together to learn and share. The learning for me was to take the ego out of myself not to push to be something you are not. Group important as learning with friends makes the "wheel go round."
Judy - Working together as community is important. Helping beyondmy obligation. Stand back and let control go. Every person plays a part when making a drum.
Jennie - This drum is about partnership. Giving and taking and observing. Negotiation, partnership, balance.

Question to Jennie Why did we do the plait? A. Three things to do - Mental, Physical and Emotional input. While plaiting observe what is coming in to spearhead you onto the next level of awareness.

Clare Roberts - I felt the beautiful heartbeat of this drum as I was tying the second hole, connected with my own heart and through my feet into th earth below. Peace be on mother earth.
Wendy Mandel - I feel it is a privelige to be a part of making this drum. My love goes into the making of it. May it impart love to all who hear its heartbeat.
Rebecca Waites-Smith - Making the drum fills me up with so much love / I feel the beat in my heart rise to the rhythym of the drum.
Liz- It is great tobe part of a drum that will beat around the world. It's a small place.
Radford Family - Sharing in the making of the drum her conscious awareness in the world bring to me a feeling of deep peace and love for each other and our earth. May all who hear this drum also experience peace and love and release of our fears to trust life.
Susan McKee - Focus, patience and a connection as we move forward on our journey of love in this lifetime.
Carmel LaFranchi - With gratitude, love, freedom and peace may one heart beat, uniting the universe. The scar to heal the wound released in this spirit of healing and harmony.

Prior to the 1st Sun Moon Dance at Uluru, Australia the dancers -Seven Women - plaited coloured cotton which they used to lace the transparent, paper tin, Emu skin drum. The extreme heat and sut did not deter these women from creating a work of art filled with love and Dance Energy. The drum was used during the Dance which created the circle of giving and receiving for the seven women dancers.

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